Gear Calculator

First Gear


Last Gear


Minimum RPM


Maximum RPM



To increase acceleration, increase First Gear.

If your engine skips too many gears, decrease First Gear or minimum RPM.

If your engine redlines, decrease Last Gear.

To increase top speed, decrease Last Gear.

If the engine stalls at high gears or cannot reach the highest gear, increase Last Gear.

Larger difference between First and Last Gear means larger gear box for your tank.

Always make sure Maximum RPM is lower than the engines listed RPM limit by at least 100 RPM.

To reduce gear box size, you can increase the difference between Minimum and Maximum RPM.

Smaller difference between minimum RPM and maxmimum RPM means a more stable acceleration and better steering.

Credits to Thelothuo for assistance in the math behind this. Calculator made by Catequil.